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Planning your bachelorette party

So, you're a bachelorette, right? You're looking to have a great time planning and executing the best possible bachelorette party ever conceived, right? Great! We're here for the ride. We know that it seems like a large event to plan on top of everything else that comes with a new engagement, but fear not! Planning the perfect bachelorette party is easier when you have a guide at your fingertips, and that's exactly what this is. We'll go over the best ideas, the latest bachelorette party trends, as well as all of the best places to go to for a memorable celebration.

You're ready to start the bachelorette party planning process, and we're here to help you as best as we can. There are many different ways to enjoy this event, and you'll see some helpful and innovative ideas on the right-hand side of the page. With all of the diverse possibilities out there, you're sure to enjoy your Flint bachelorette party. Be sure to check out our fleet of party buses and limousines that are absolutely perfect for these types of events. In fact, our buses were made with this specific type of event in you know you can't go wrong with one!

The most popular way to celebrate a bachelorette party in Flint is by barhopping. It doesn't matter if you decide to stay in Flint or if you'd rather travel to a surrounding city such as Detroit or Royal Oak, as with a party bus, the road is open. Our party buses ensure that you have a safe way to travel around and get home without going through the process of finding a designated driver, and that takes a lot of pressure off of your shoulders when the night rolls around!

When bachelorettes use our party buses for bar hopping, they have an exceptional time in the Flint area. There are so many great bars, restaurants, pubs, and strip clubs for you and your gals to visit while you're celebrating your last night of freedom! Flint is home to fantastic establishments who truly know how to party with all-day specials on food and drink. Not to mention, the residents make attending these bars even better, as the crowds are always rowdy and lively here in Flint. Your bachelorette party will certainly be one to remember when you check out all of the fantastic bars in the Flint area.

When you're planning your bachelorette party, be sure to keep all of your interests in mind. After all, it is for your enjoyment, and you don't want to take part in an activity that makes you uncomfortable just because your friends want to do it. Choosing something that fits your interests will ensure that it's an enjoyable night to remember for years to come. Planning your bachelorette party as early as possible ascertains that there's one less thing for you to worry about when the wedding planning process starts. If you take our advice, we're certain that you'll have the best possible bachelorette party in Flint!

We can't recommend Vixen Fitness enough when it comes to planning your bachelorette party. Their location in Ypsilanti is only a short trip in one of our party buses...and we know you'll make fantastic memories taking a class with them, or throwing one of their private Vixen parties!

Bachelorette Party Ideas:

  • Have a photographer take group picture of you and your gang
  • Coordinate your outfits to have an even better time out on the town
  • Create a scavenger hunt
  • Attend a wine-and-paint party
  • Take a belly dancing class
  • Attend a drag show with all of your best gals
  • Have a spa themed day where you get pampered
  • Customize your own lingerie with craft store items
  • Rent a party bus so the party doesn't stop
  • Have a cocktail party where you create your own concoctions
  • Take pole dancing lessons
  • Hire a private male stripper show
  • Have a destination party at a nearby location
  • Take a group cooking lesson

DIY Ideas

  • Use bottles of champagne with self-made labels as your invitations
  • Create hangover kits for the day after
  • Decorate personalized wine glasses to take with you on the party bus
  • Get a blank photo frame and have the attendees kiss the paper with lipstick for a poignant souvenir
  • Make a homemade photobooth with a polaroid camera and a sheet as a backdrop
  • Make your own veil with some chiffon and hair clips
  • Design T-Shirts with spray paint and stencils
  • Use bleach pens to create personalized tank tops
  • Mini donuts and decorated toothpicks make for great hoer d'oeuvres
  • Create bachelorette bingo games on construction paper
  • Make a time capsule that the bride opens in 5 years