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Planning your bachelor party

Are you a lucky bachelor, getting ready to plan things for your bachelor party?No matter the circumstances, you're on this page for a reason, and that's to find information on throwing the best possible bachelor party. Flint is a fantastic area to throw a bachelor party in, there's certainly no doubt about that. There are options for celebration that are all across the board, and that leaves you with only the best standards to uphold for your bachelor party. Are you up to the challenge?

We know it seems like just another planning fiasco to deal with, but your bachelor party is an extremely important part of the overall success of your wedding. After all, don't you want a night of fun to make all of the chaos and planning worth it? This is your last chance to go out with the guys as a single man, so you want to make it count. The only way to make it count is to throw a wild and crazy get together with all of your friends. How could you go wrong with a party like that?

We bet that you're pretty excited to get your bachelor party going, right? Flint is a great place for a bachelor party to take place, because there's something for everybody to enjoy. It doesn't matter if you're a shy guy who wants to have a laid back party with friends, or if you're a social butterfly waiting to spread your wings at a crazy'll find that all of the bases are covered in Flint. There are fantastic strip clubs for you to check out, as well as bars, restaurants, night clubs, or whatever else you might have in mind!

Renting a party bus for your bachelor party is the only surefire way to ensure that everybody will have a great, safe time. After all, it wont be safe for anyone to drive themselves home after celebrating, and with a party bus, you can assure that everybody will be home safely as you already have a designated driver. Our drivers add much convenience to your night, because you won't have to deal with road rage, traffic, road closures, or finding directions when you use our services. Our chauffeurs ensure you have a completely enjoyable night!

However, renting a party bus isn't the only way to have fun. Once you've got your party bus, you aren't limited to what is on board, although they're all great features that can be enjoyed by themselves! This mode of transportation ensures you can have fun from point A to point B. Be sure to consider going to a sporting event for your bachelor party, or perhaps embarking on a brewery tour to get things started. From there, you can go shopping, get food, or go straight to the strip clubs. You'll find fantastic ideas on the right hand side of the page for stripper less bachelor party ideas if your bride-to-be is a bit modest, and a party bus is the perfect transportation for those events.

With some careful planning, we have complete faith that your bachelor party will live up to all of the expectations you've place upon it. In the end, all that matters is that the groom-to-be has a fantastic time celebrating his last night of freedom with all of his best friends. This is a night you'll remember for the rest of your life, or be sure to celebrate it in the wildest possible way.

Stripper Free Bachelor Party Ideas:

  • Plan a hunting trip with your best buds
  • Host a poker party with all of your friends
  • Go on a camping trip with your groomsmen
  • Set up a golfing excursion
  • Go on a whiskey taste testing
  • Take a roadtrip to a nearby city
  • Rent a beach house for a weekend
  • Go on a paintball tag team trip
  • Go fishing for a calming experience
  • Have a high quality cigar tasting
  • Go skydiving
  • Rent dirtbikes and have an offroading adventure
  • Rent a limousine and have a quality steak dinner
  • Get box seats to a local boxing match

DIY Ideas

  • Handmake tuxedo gift bags for groomsmen gifts
  • Make a liquor bouquet to give the groom
  • Hand out a hangover kit with water, pain relievers, and vitamins
  • Etch beer glasses yourself for a great souvenir
  • Build a homemade throne and hoast your very own 'Roast'
  • Create bait boxes to bring for your hunting trip
  • Make a time capsule for the groom to open in a few years
  • Make custom invitations using bottles of your favorite beer
  • Create bachelor party t-shirts with materials from the craft store
  • Create bachelor card games for drinking
  • Make a beer pong kit